Why I Wanted to Open Up

As a wife and mom of four children, my life is hardly boring. I am constantly busy with homework, housework, activities and the like. It seems like I hardly have time for outside family and friends but desperately need interaction with others. I decided a while back to create a community of moms who would be honest with each other. Women tend to be catty and competitive, which I have no time for. I wanted to create a group of moms who could enjoy each other’s company, rant and rave or just be silly if we want to.

Staying Connected
When you are married and have children, you can easily lose yourself in your family. I wanted to create a group that could go out and have fun, with or without children. I wanted to have other moms I could chat with about problems with the kiddos or to just rant my frustrations when something doesn’t go right. I have created this group, allowing us to stay connected online as well as in real life, if we choose. Even just taking a few minutes a day to talk to an adult is great therapy as a mother of small children.

Taking Time for Myself
The reason that many friendships fail when you become a mother is that you are friends with someone who does not have children or has children of a different age group. By creating a community of moms with children of different age ranges, everyone would have someone they could relate too. Many women have seen long friendships slide to the wayside once they have children and realize they now have different goals than their friends.

By creating this community, moms can relate to each other, swap stories and advice. It’s fun for a laugh or great for a cry when you have simply had enough. I try to take a break each day and socialize with my mom’s either online or over the phone. When I can catch a break and enjoy myself, I am a better mother.

Many mom’s feel like they should not take time for themselves. Either there is too much to do or they are so tired they just want to go to bed. But it is essential to have me time. Find a group of moms in your area that you can relate to and simply enjoy the company of women who know what it is like to be you!

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