What America Could Use to Keep Families Together

As a single mother, I know all too well the unfortunate results of a divorce. It is never easy to file for divorce, though it seems in America today, many families are splitting up when they have only just begun. Decades ago, it was another time altogether. Divorce was unheard of and if you did leave your spouse, you would almost be ostracized for doing so. Today, individuals are married three, four, even five or more times, continually getting divorced and finding another to marry.

For most people, I feel like they want to find ‘the one’ and stay married once the deed is done. However, between work, kids and time, many individuals end up divorcing the person they thought was ‘the one’. Individuals get divorced for different reasons, from irreconcilable differences, cheating, etc. The reason that anyone gets a divorce is no one else’s business, but I do feel that changes could be made in America to help families stay together.

Talking More About Marriage Before Marriage
In the olden days, parents would discuss marriage with their children, describing marriage as a holy union, one that is not to be broken. Marriage was a serious act and individuals were not so quick to get married or leave the marriage. I feel that if parents talk to their children about the seriousness of the commitment and help their child understand what marriage means, at an early age, they will be more apt to work on the marriage. When a child begins to date, parents should explain how one should date someone they would consider marrying and how if they do marry, be open with communication, talking about any issues as they arise.

Learning How To Love Again
When you are married for an extended period of time, you can fall out of love with your spouse. Over time, you begin to feel like roommates rather than lovers. Kids take up a majority of your time or even work can leave you wanting more in your relationship than you are getting, or that you may be giving. It is important to make time for each other and learn how to love again. When you feel yourself slipping out of love, rekindle your romance. Go out on dates with your spouse or have a romantic evening in to spice up your marriage and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Counseling for Couples
It is important to note that if you do begin to have problems in your marriage, counseling can help. One should consider counseling early to try and save the marriage. Be open with communication and telling your spouse how you feel so that you can work out your issues and stay married.

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