Top Five Useless Products Families Still Buy

When you’re raising a family, it can be easy to fall into the trap set by products geared towards families. And let’s acknowledge the truth, you’re new to this, and all too vulnerable to scam artists. How are early parents supposed to know not to buy a bunch of baby socks, or stroller accessories? Parenthood holds many lessons on these subjects. As a self-professed veteran in parenting, I’ve created a list of the top five products that I regret purchasing. If you’re headed to target or Walmart with a wish list anytime soon, do yourself a favor a listen carefully.


The Baby carrier – It can seem so harmless, all it can do is help, right? Wrong. The reason that this can be such a huge mistake will depend on the type of brand you choose, and the complexity with which is was put together. Many brands are so poorly made that you won’t be able to adjust all of the ridiculous straps properly even after hours spent watching YouTube tutorials. If you do decide to go with a baby carrier at all, keep an eye out for any brand that sports too many extremeties and straps. Opt for simplicity and you should be safe. Remember, it’s made for carrying babies, not robots.


Newborn socks – Think of putting socks on a newborn in the way you might think of putting socks on a dog. While it might be fun to look at, it will serve almost no purpose whatsoever. Neither you nor the baby will gain much from the process aside from more laundry to do each week. Babies are also in the habit of making sure the socks will fail to even accomplish their sole purpose, staying on the foot. Rather than investing in hundreds of baby socks that shrink to the size of a pea after washing, opt for the one-piece footed sleepers instead.


Stroller Accessories – If you are ever offered anything stroller related aside from the actual stroller, say no. The nice looking stroller accessories seem to be designed with the idea of catching a mother’s eye, and that’s about it. Whether its insect netting, bag hooks, or chewie toys, they are all equally useless. While they may look fun, pushing them around is a different story.


Wallpapers – When it comes time to decorate the nest like any good mother, steer clear of the wallpaper trap. While it may seem convenient as you decorate your newborns wall as they lay sleeping in their crib, you will undoubtedly regret it when that baby grows up and prefers a new color. Removing wallpaper is far more difficult than repainting. Save yourself time and even money by sticking to old-fashioned paint.


Lice Removal Products – For most parents, especially those with multiple children, a phone call from school about lice is almost guaranteed. However, few parents are prepared to do much of anything when the time comes. Parents reach for the medicated shampoo or the infamous lice comb. These products are pricey, and tend to take much longer than advertised. By hiring a lice removal service in our Palm Springs area, we saved money and time. They will get the job done quicker, helping your child get back to the classroom sooner.


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