To All The Single Moms, You’re Not Alone

As a wife with four kids, I certainly appreciate the help from my husband when it comes to the children. He is able to help me with daily activities, bath time, chores, etc. Single moms do not have this luxury. A single mom must care for their children day and night, without a break, which can be very stressful. Single moms hold a special place in my heart as my own mother was single and had to raise two children on her own. Single moms should know they are not alone and band together for support.

Relieving Stress
I know it is hard to find a moment for yourself when you are parenting alone. Even if you wait ten minutes before going to bed, once the kiddos are asleep, take some time for yourself. A hot bath or simple meditation can help you to relax and rest better each night. Take just a little time for yourself as you will be a better mom for your children by doing so.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help
Most single mothers are very hesitant to ask for help. Some feel like they should be able to do it on their own while others do not want to be a burden. Friends and family love you and your children and want to help. If someone offers to babysit for a while, let them. If a friend offers to pick up the kiddos from school, it is okay to let them do so. Be open to help or asking for help, to relieve some of the stress you feel, taking care of your children on your own.

Don’t Blame Yourself
Many single moms can blame themselves when things go wrong, from the kiddos acting up to being short on cash. No one is blaming you for your circumstances. Single moms work hard to provide for children as well as take care of basic needs. Your children may not act like it, but they see everything you do for them. They see how hard you work and what you are sacrificing so they can be happy. So, give yourself a break. Don’t beat yourself up when times get hard. Think about what you do have and how successful you have been as a mother. Pat yourself on the back sometimes as you are doing the job of two people and are doing just fine!

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