Things I Learned The Hard Way As A Mom

When you become a mom, your entire life changes. You spend more time on your children’s needs and less and less on your own. You learn how to be patient and kind, as well as intuitive and creative. You also learn things about yourself that you may not like or understand. Over time, you learn how to be the best mom you can be for your kids, which may not be the same steps that other mom’s take. But that is okay. Being a mom is learning how to let go but also be accepting. Below are a few things I have learned the hard way after becoming a mom.

Thank You is Few and Far Between
You would think that with all you do as a mom, thank yous would be handed out every hour. But that is not the case. Children get used to the nice things you do for them such as washing dishes and laundry, easily taking you for granted. Sometimes all you want is a little acknowledgement. As a mom, you have to learn quickly that you are doing these things out of love. When you seek constant acknowledgement and a thank you for everything you do, then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Your family is used to you and accepts that you will be doing certain things for them. They are thankful for what you do, despite not showing it each and every day.

Every Age Is Hard
It is common for moms to talk about the ‘terrible twos’ or the teenage years, about how hard these ages are. But honestly, every age is hard. You find out that your two year old is still difficult at three. Your eight year old may be sassy and then turn ten to become extremely difficult. Every child is different and at each age, you will have trials and tribulations that you must work through.

Your Children will be Just Like You
Your child is watching your every move, even when you don’t think they are. At least one of your children will be just like you at some point. Children take on characteristics of the parent and you may not like what you see. It is important to be a good example and if you recognize yourself in your child, perhaps a trait that is not so flattering, try to correct them. Show how you do not like this trait about yourself and how they can make changes to be a better person.

Not Everyone Agrees with Your Parenting Style
From the time your child is born, people will try to give you advice. Everyone thinks they can tell you something that you do not know. While some advice is good, most advice is annoying. As a nice person, you listen and then make your own decisions. Not everyone will agree with how you parent your child, but that is okay. Do not let it get to you and feel free to make decisions on behalf of your child as you see fit, not to suit others.

Time Passes so Quickly
Be aware that time passes by so quickly. Spend as much time as you can with your children at all ages of life. Your child will be graduating high school before you know it. It is easy for work and school to get in the way of spending time with your child. Carve out time each day to just talk to your child. Get to know them as a person. You want to be able to create a relationship that will last a lifetime, rather than have one that will be difficult as they transition into adulthood.

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