Let’s All Be Honest With Social Media Life

Social media has basically taken over the planet. Most every individual has a social media account somewhere or everywhere. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, we all stay connected to friends, family, celebrities, even strangers in some form of fashion. As a mom, I enjoy social media but it also drives me nuts. It is not uncommon to have friends who stretch the truth about their lives to seem like they live the perfect life. Why be fake? I will never understand it. Eventually people will see though the façade and you just look silly.

Fakers Gonna Fake
Fakers on social media are going to continue to be fake because it makes them feel good. Some people need to be praised at all times and want their ‘followers’ to feel jealous, thinking they have the perfect lifestyle. Some ‘friends’ will boast about their material possessions while others are constantly posting selfies to be acknowledged by their peers. While some people are honest and do not hold back about the trials and tribulations of their life, others don’t know how.

It is funny to watch a ‘friend’ post something fake time and time again on Facebook or Instagram. Really sad, actually. It makes me wonder what could possibly be going on in their life that would make them need attention or want others to see something that is not true?

Keeping It Real
There is nothing wrong with posting a selfie after a fabulous haircut or posting a photo of yourself when you feel good about how you look. But keep it real. Don’t photoshop or say ‘I woke up like this’ because we all know it took about 20+ photos to get the perfect one. We all do it. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is better for yourself to be honest with your social media posts. It keeps people from not recognizing you in public, since photoshop cannot follow you around!

Hide Feature
Thankfully, some social media sites offer the option to hide your ‘friends’. This way, if someone is just being too fake for their own good, you can simply hide their posts. Your Facebook wall will be free of annoying posts and you will be able to enjoy the friends who talk about real life rather than silly or trivial things.

I am not saying don’t have fun with social media but don’t be fake. I keep my social media accounts for friends and family. With four kids and a husband, it is hard for me to stay in touch with everyone I love. I just do not have time to go to lunch or visit with friends. On Facebook, I can see what my friends are up to, comment on photos or post on their wall. I like to know what is actually going on in my friends lives rather than to see post after post of things that just cannot be true.

Be Yourself
There is so much fakeness in the world, it is important to remember to be yourself. If you have friends or followers on social media sites that you know personally, then they already like you. No need to boost yourself up with fake posts. Just keep it light and friendly, posting about what is going on in your life so your friends can keep up with your goings on. You will feel more fulfilled by the attention you do get for what is really going on rather than to have to keep up with the lies told on specific social media sites.

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