How To Not Break The Bank When Expecting

As a mom of four kiddos, I know how expensive it can be. In the infant years, you have diapers, formula and clothing, not to mention tons of baby gear. As a child ages, they still have major expenses from clothing to activities. It is important to learn how to save and spend wisely as a mom, even when you are expecting. If you are having your first child, you can easily go overboard, spending way more than you should on the essentials and the not-so-essential. Below are a few tips to help you spend less when preparing for your new baby.

Make a List, Check it Twice
First, you will need to make a list of items you will need. If you are having your very first child, you will be starting from scratch. You will need a furnished room for your child including a crib. You can choose to add a bassinet, play pen and changing table, which will add to the cost of the furniture. You will also need a car seat, stroller, etc. Making a list will help you to sign up for your baby shower registry which can help you receive the items you need as a gift, rather than having to purchase the items yourself.

Baby Shower
Speaking of baby shower, have one! If friends or family, even co-workers mention throwing you a shower, go for it. You will receive many items you need, which will help you to spend less on your new arrival. Baby showers can range from the standard gift giving one to a diaper shower or even gift card shower to help you pay for the more expensive items needed.

Thrift Shop Fun
Shopping can be fun, but thrift shopping can be fun and save you money. Thrift shops often have baby items as babies quickly outgrow clothing or the need for specific items. If you have thrift shops near your home, make friends with the owner or workers. Tell them what you are looking for and they can be on the lookout. You may find quality items at a low discount, saving you a ton of money in the long run. Thrift shops are also great options for clothing as your baby ages, as they will only wear an item a few times before being in need of additional clothing.

Baby Sales
Who doesn’t love a sale? Check locally to see if any big baby shops or sales take place in your community. In my community, we have consignment sales that offer great deals on baby items including furniture and clothing. This is a great way to stock up as you wait for the baby to arrive.

Friends and Family
Hand-me-downs are another great way to save. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who is done having kids. They may let you borrow or purchase items at a low price. Never rule out using items from friends or family as you can save a ton of money by doing so!

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