How My Children Are Handling the Transition

Before I was a single parent, I had a normal 9-5 job. My kids were used to me working set hours and we had a schedule of sorts. Now that I am a single mom, I have decided to take my career path in a different direction and have my own business. This is a big change for my children and as any single parent who is taking on a different career, it is important to include your children in the process.

Kids notice everything. If you are starting a new job or like me, and starting your own business, you will be nervous. This can rub off on your children. It is important to talk about the change and what it might entail so your children can fully understand the journey you will be taking towards a better future.

Explain Your New Position and Goals
To get started, explain your new position and the goals you have set. If you are like me and starting a new business, explain to your children what that means. Will you have a physical store where you will work or do you have a home office in which you will operate out of? Tell your children about your new position and how it will affect the family. You can talk about how you want to set career goals to be successful in your new endeavors and how you hope to be able to work on your own to have more free time to spend with them.

Scheduling Changes
As you get your new business off the ground, you will be very busy. Be sure to explain to your children that you will be working a great deal as you start your business. If you find your days are filled with activity and little family time, consider getting your kids in on the action. Allow your children to work alongside you so that they can get a feel for what you are going to be doing each day. Even just allowing your children to help in the design process of a store front can help them to spend time with you as well as get to know the business. You can also explain that once the business picks up and gets going, you will be able to schedule your work time so that you can pick the kiddos up from school and have fun together instead of working long hours into the night.

Starting a new business is tricky and stressful. Don’t let the stress get to you too much that you do not get to enjoy time with your family. Take breaks, even though you feel that you cannot, to continue to have a strong family bond.

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