Do Any of Know How To “Mom”

When I realized that none of us really know how to “mom”
Decades ago it was customary for a woman to settle down at a young age, usually after high school or even before, quickly having children. In today’s society, women are having children at all ages. Some women start young while others wait until after college and establishing a career. The range of age in moms is vast and each mom has their own experience with childbirth and learning how to be a mother.
Because I had my first child at 18, I had to learn quickly how to be on my own and raise my child. In my mind, I believed that I was too young and was very scared as to how I would raise a child and how I would know what to do. Would I know what my daughter’s cries meant? Would I be able to protect her?
Very soon after my daughter’s birth, I realized that mothering just comes naturally. No one really knows how to ‘mom’ but it simply falls into place. Once your child is born and they see you for the first time, you just know. You know what each cry means and even if you don’t, it is okay. Your child will be just fine.
There seems to be many stigmas in today’s society that mothers should be a certain way. There are still arguments that moms need to stay home with children or it is okay for moms to work. As a mother, you must understand that every family is different. Be accepting of your situation and know the decisions you make a mother are the right ones.
When you give up on the ideal of being the ‘perfect’ mom, you then become just what you need to be. As long as you care for your children, providing them with a loving and happy home, you can never go wrong. It was funny, after I had my first child, I realized I didn’t have to figure anything out. I could just be. Be there for her and she would be well taken care of.
As I had my three other children, I learned how to adapt. When more children come into the family, your parenting style with change. By adapting and making changes, you can still be a great mother, taking care of your family and providing a loving and stable environment for your child.

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