Confession, I Still Don’t Know What I Am Doing

As a mom, my life is hectic, stressful, maddening and a host of other emotions. Even though I have four children, I still have no idea what I am doing. I basically live day-to-day, making decisions that I feel will work best for my family. Every mom has to choose how to raise their child the best way they know how. There is no parenting manual that helps us know how to handle every situation. Every mom will make mistakes but as long as you have love in your heart and take time with your children, everything will be okay.

Understand that no one is perfect
When you become a mom, it is important to remember that no one is perfect. Mistakes will be made from the time your child is born until they are grown. You must understand that it is okay to make a decision and things not turn out how you think. As long as you protect your children, love them and care for them, they will get what they need.

Let Go Of Criticism
There are critics everywhere. From strangers telling you what you need to do for your baby to family members. You will be criticized at some point so prepare for it now. You must be confident in yourself that your decisions are in the best interest of your child. Let go of the criticism you may receive no matter how harsh. Simple tell those who hurt your feelings that you are doing the best you can and hope they can at least support you in the decisions that are yours to make.

Remember to Have Fun
When you are a mom, you are a rule maker and enforcer. You must be strict to a point and make sure your children mind. It can be hard to remember to have fun at times, but you must do so. Take time with your children and just be silly. Break or bend the rules a bit to show your kids that you know how to have fun.

You can make memories that last a lifetime, far longer than any material item they could want. Time is fleeting and will be gone in a blink of an eye. Loving your children and spending time with them frequently is the best gift you can give as a mom.

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