Can You Shoot Your Ad on Your Smart Phone

High-quality cell phones can take great video advertisements. The do-it-yourself approach to making ads can save you a lot of money. It will likely take you a few tries to get your video recorded perfectly, but that is okay, you’re not paying a film crew, so you can take your time. Get a little help too, it helps to hire a local San Francisco video production team to shoot the video for you.

Get a Detached Bluetooth Microphone

It is important that you use a detached microphone to ensure that your sound is steady and easily heard. You should pick a location with little background noise. It is difficult to filter out background noise, which can show your audience that your video was super low budget.

Test your audio with a short 10-second clip to make sure it is clear and without noise.

Use Landscape Mode

When shooting ads from your smartphone, turn your phone sideways and make sure it is in landscape mode. This gives you the widest shot possible and prevents “vertical mode” from being a problem. Before shooting your whole video, shoot 5-seconds and view it to make sure your angle is good and your shot is wide enough.

Invest in a Tripod

One of the biggest problems with self-made smartphone ads is that they are often shaky. Use a tripod or smartphone stand to ensure that your phone stays steady for the entire video. Tripods for smartphones are easy to come by and are not expensive. The tripod will come in handy for impromptu videos with friends and family or if you should happen to stumble upon breaking news, you’ll have a great video to share with the news station.

Check your Lighting

Lighting is important. The best way to create a good light source without spending a bunch of money is to shoot your video near a window but with a white or light colored background. This helps your foreground imagery to stand out a bit more. You can use artificial lighting, but you should do so carefully so that there are not glares or lighting spots in your video.

Edit Before Posting

Always review your work and make necessary edits using editing applications from your available app store. Free editing apps often lack crucial features that help you perfect your video and take out imperfections. It can also be hard to cut out unimportant portions of the video to make a seamless transition using free video editors.

Your smartphone likely comes with a video shooting and editing feature. Forget the installed applications, most underperform. Search through your app store for highly rated and heavily reviewed apps to ensure that you are getting the best program for the least amount of money possible – but preferably free.

Closing Thoughts

It will take you a little bit of time to perfect shooting quality ads from your smartphone. Do not be discouraged. Practice a few times, in front of friends or family, before shooting your ad for editing. Most importantly, be patient and don’t rush anything.

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