Are Stay At Home Moms Frowned Upon in This New Generation?

In the 40s, 50s, and 60s, it was customary for a woman to stay home with the children, while the husband was away at work. As time progressed, so did the way of thinking and women began to enter the workforce. In the 80s and 90s, more women were working than ever and today, women tend to try and balance work and home, becoming CEOs and top executives in major companies.

Today’s society is far different from yesteryear with women choosing their own path. Some moms work while others stay home, some even working from home. Women feel more empowered than ever to make the decision based on their own situation rather than what everyone else thinks. But what do the new generation of women think of this? Do they look down upon moms who choose to stay home?

More Focused on Women’s Rights
Young women of today’s society seem to be focused on women’s rights. As a mom of four children, I want my kids to feel they can do anything and the new generation of women seem to feel like they have the power to choose. They can be a mom, work or just be by themselves, not worrying about getting married or starting a family. Equal pay and birth control are common issues that women focus on, not worrying so much about having children or getting married.

Not Focused on Having Children
Education seems to be more of a focus or traveling than having children. As I was growing up, it was customary to talk about starting a family and getting married. Almost like this was the dream of every young girl. Today, young girls dream of starting their own company or traveling the world. It is quite interesting to compare the thoughts and dreams of today with young women now and those just 20 years ago.

Do What You Feel
The new generation of women seem to be open to the ‘do what you feel’ mentality. Gone is the stigma of women having to be a certain way. Women have way more options today than they did just ten years ago, but more so when compared to decades gone by. My hope is that women will become more understanding of each other, continuing to not criticize others for their choices. Every mom should be able to make the decision to work or stay at home, based on what works for their family, as every family is different.

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