My Top Tips For New Moms

Becoming a mother can be an exciting and scary adventure. Every pregnancy story is different. Some pregnancies are surprises while others are strategically planned out. With every pregnancy, comes worry and excitement. Will I be a good mother? How will I know what to do for my child when she cries? As a mother of four children, I have learned a few things over the years. Below I will share a few tips to help you on your journey to becoming a new mom.
It’s okay to cry
After you have your child, you will be overcome with many different emotions at all times of the day. You may feel overwhelmed or inadequate. This is okay and perfectly normal. If your baby cries and you cannot seem to calm her down, it is okay to cry too. Let yourself feel every emotion and be open to your feelings. Talk it out with loved ones and be aware. Post-Partum Depression is a common occurrence and if you feel like you are suffering from this issue, seek help from a medical professional. You want to be able to care for your child in the best way possible, which means being healthy in all aspects of your life.
Ask for Help
Do not be afraid to ask for help. Many new mothers feel that they are being a burden if they ask someone to hold their baby while they take a shower or have a nap. Anyone visiting you after the baby is born, cares about you. They want to help anyway they can. Let family and friends wash your dishes or a load of clothes. They would not ask to help you if they did not want to.
Nap when Baby Does
A new baby is exhausting,  waking up at all hours of the night as they try to get on a regular schedule. To save your sanity and to feel rested, take a nap when your baby does. Ignore any chores that need to be done and rest. You will feel much better after you have slept and will be better able to care for your child.
Messes Happen
As your child grows, messes with happen. From major stinky diapers to food all in their hair and on their clothing. It is impossible to keep your child clean at all times. Accept that messes will happen and roll with it. Always keep an extra set or two or even three of clothing so that if you are not home, you can change your baby when those little messes occur.
Discipline Early and Stay Consistent
Be sure to begin disciplining your child early. A great time to start is when they begin to walk. Your child will be exploring and you want to ensure they are not doing anything to get hurt. Time out is a great way to get started and you should stay consistent with each punishment. Teaching your child early will ensure they respond to discipline well as they age.
Enjoy Time with Your Child
Overall, it is important to enjoy time with your child. The years go by fast and pretty soon, you have a teenager and wonder where the time went. Cherish the time you have with your child in the younger years and spend it wisely.

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